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Samuel Brown
There is a Better Way!

Teaching You the Language of the Horse
Why do horses act the way they do?
  Why do you act the way you do?
How do horses learn best?

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Are we having fun yet?

Unfortunately this is the nonsense people subject their horses to. This is a common site seen all too often on a given weekend at your local show grounds. It need not be this way, come and learn a better way!

Training Board 2015

We are booked through August for training horses. Please contact Sam for availability. I teach lessons daily from 4pm on. If you wish to schedule a lesson feel free to call me for current availability.

The training fee does include time spent with Sam while your horse is being trained. In this way you'll learn the language of the horse as well as how to continue the progress made.
Contact Sam for more information.

   Your Environment

The environment in which your horse lives is a basic many people simply overlook. Horses are very sensitive creatures. The atmosphere in which your horse lives and is exposed to on a daily basis will manifest itself in his behavior every day.
If you're in a fun, relaxed stress free barn your horse will most likely be the same. However the opposite is true as well. Many barns are amped up with everyone worried and fretting over the smallest things. Of course the horses in this type of environment will take on this demeanor as well.
If you are in a barn like this the best thing you can do for yourself as well as your horse is  LEAVE! Find a place that is stress free and relaxed
. You both will benefit.


Are you still asking the age old question:

Why does my horse do such and such?

If you are then you need to understand the differences between a predator (you) and a prey animal (your horse)




Samuel P. Brown
Nottingham, PA

Please take your time and visit. Feel free to email or call me anytime with your questions...........Thanks, Samuel